Plan a Magical Alice in Wonderland Party!

Alice in Wonderland Party


-Scroll tied with red ribbon with "Don't be late for a very important Date" and "You are Invited to an Unbirthday Celebration for...we will meet you in Wonderland!" and include party details.
- Mail a teabag to each guest with party details printed on an envelope to wrap the tea bag in or on a hang tag.
- Alice in Wonderland invitations can be ordered online and personalized.
- Send each guest a wax bottle candy instructing them to bring it to the party. They will need to drink it to enter. Hang a small paper tag arounf the bottle with ribbon with "Drink Me" written on one side and party details on the other.

Party Set-Up

- The birthday girl can be dressed as Alice or the birthday boy can choose to dress as the Rabbit or Mad Hatter.
- Convince a friend or family member to dress as the white rabbit and have the guests follow him through the "rabbit hole" and another person dresses as the Mad Hatter can host the tea party.
- Have guests follow the rabbit through the rabbit hole which can be made indoors by hanging dark sheets in the doorway with a collapsible play tunnel on the floor beneath it. You can also use several smaller, wire balloon arches covered with black balloons to create a tunnel effect. this will work well outdoors as well.Have the other end of the tunnel exiting into a small tent or large box such as a refrigerator box. Place a small table in there with a wax bottle candy or small bottle with kool-aid in it with a tag around it with "Drink Me" printed on it. They must next eat a miniature cupcake in order to enter through a small door (either cut into the box or a small opening in the tent) into the garden if having an outdoor party or into the decorated party room.
- Play the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack


- Food in small and large sizes such as finger sandwiches (make whole and quartered), jumbo and minature cupcakes, jumbo and small gumballs, large lollipops and small, small and large cookies- Marzipan mushrooms
- A variety of teas and hot chocolate in the tea pots
- Chocolate molded heart lollipops
- Frosted cut-out cookies in the shape of cards, hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs or clocks using a round cookie cutter or the top of a drinking glass. Use frostung to "paint" the hands to the time of the party, teacups, tea pots, mushrooms, rabbits etc.

- Topsy turvy layered birthday cake made with uneven layers of cake all frosted and decorated with different colors. You might want to order one from a cake shop if you want a very intricate cake or you can bake a large sheetcake and decorate it yourself.


- If holding the party indoors, purchase some inexpensive white lattice panels and string fake rose vines through them.
- Set up a long table(s) and cover with bright tablecloths, use paper doilies and spread out an assortment of teapots and saucers, the more colorful, the better. Stick a toy stuffed mouse sticking out of the lid of one of the teapots to represent the Dormouse.
- Use an assortment of chairs and stools in varying heights so guests are all seated at different heights.
- Hang colorful paper lanterns above the table
- Hang clocks in the room with the hands all stopped at the time for the Tea Party
- Purchase a plush Chesire Cat and place him on a branch that is suspended from the ceiling

- Decorate the table with red and white roses in vases
- Place pink lawn flamingos around the room
- Make large cards out of posterboard and hang on the walls
- Purchase a pre-made or make a pinata in the shape of a card, mad hatter hat or mushroom


- Play "hot potato" by passing a hat etc. until the music stops. The person holding the hat is out. Keep playing until only one player remains.
- Play pin the tail on the rabbit or pin the smile on the chesire Cat.
- Hide a small skeleton key in the party area and have the gusts search for it with the winner getting a prize.
- Guests can play chess.
- If hosting an outdoor party, you can purchase a giant chess set for the yard or play croquet. You can paint hedgehogs on the croquet balls or use small beanbag hedgehogs.
- Purchase some ceramic paints from the craft store and let the guests decorate plain white teacups and saucers.
- Play an Alice in Wonderland DVD during the party.
- Make up themed word search or crossword puzzles online and print one for each guest. The first to correctly complete them wins a prize.
- Purchase plastic cups and saucers and have a stacking contest.

Party Favors

- Large lollipops
- Frosted decorated cookies wrapped in cellophane
- Stuffed white rabbit (you might be able to get some on clearance after Easter)
- Red heart shaped lollipops (look for them on clearance after Valentine's Day)
- Small deck of playing cards
- Alice in Wonderland book, sign the inside of the book with the date and thanking them for coming to the party
- Send each guest home with their cup and saucer they used for the party
- Wax bottle drinks
- Red chocolate heart lollipops that can be made with Wilton candy melts and mold
- Charm bracelet or necklace with an Alice in Wonderland charm

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