Host Your Own Fun Auction
Theme Dinner Party!

Here's a new idea for a fun adult theme party! This makes for an even better party if your guests know one another and have a great sense of humor. Everyone's bound to have a great time!

-You can print up invitations on your computer with all the party details including the date, time and location. Let your guests know what will be served and how they should dress.

-Ask each guest to bring an item to go up for "auction". These can just be simple gag gifts but let them know the tone of the party so that everyone understands that it's just for fun and that much humor will be involved. Also have the guests write up a funny description or anecdote related the the item they are auctioning. The guest who auctions their item for the most money will win a prize at the end of the night so it will become a game to see who can get the highest bid on their item.

Each guest will be given a certain amount of pretend money to use for bidding purposes. No one may bid more than their original given amount on any item to keep it fair for all the guests (that way the owner of the first auctioned item doesn't get to add the profits of their item sold to the original money given to play with).

-If you would like to use this opportunity to turn your party into a charitable effort, let your guests know this on the invitation along with the charity you will be turning the profits of the auction over to (it would help to use real money in this case!).

-Decide on the seating for your party. If you do not have enough table space to seat all your guests, you can rent or borrow tables and clear some furniture out of the room you want to host the party to set them up in. Rent matching linens for the tables and be sure to have enough place settings for your guests.

-If you want to keep the party more casual, you can just seat everyone in your living room with paper plates and plastic utensils with a buffet style dinner or even a pot-luck. Have guests also bring a dish to share along with their item to be auctioned.

-Set up a table to set the items to be auctioned on and let guests view them prior to dinner being served.

-Create auction paddles by painting wooden paint stirrers black and cutting two pieces of white poster board for each paddle in the shape of rectangles. Using a black Sharpie marker, assign each paddle a number (writing the same number on each side) and glue the two pieces of poster board together over the top end of the paint stirrer. Make one paddle per guest and place on the tables at each place setting.

-If following a traditional dinner party format, serve your guests hors d'oeuvres (a selection of cheese, crackers and grapes would be fine) and offer them several different wines to choose from. Let your guests mingle while you greet newly arriving guests and finish preparing the dinner.

-Keep dinner as simple as possible while still allowing for options. Maybe serve a meatless pasta dish but offer a meat dish on the side (such as meatballs, grilled meats etc.), salad with several dressings, being sure to offer a light dressing etc. to accommodate a variety of needs such as low-fat, vegetarian etc.

-After dinner, offer your guests dessert along with cordials or coffee.

-During dessert, the auction will begin. Choose an item from the table and have that person come to the front of the room (a makeshift podium would work well now if you happen to have one - a small table draped with a tablecloth will also do the trick).Have the guest describe their item and make the best pitch they can to get it to "sell" for the most money. Remember, the guest with the highest bid wins a prize at the end of the party!

-After all the items have been auctioned, offer your guests one last cup of coffee before leaving and pack up any remaining desserts in take away boxes to send home with them (you can purchase these at club warehouse shops or crafts stores in the baking section.)

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