Unique Baby Shower Planning Ideas!

Need help coming up with fresh ideas for a shower for the mom-to-be? Below you'll find many helpful suggestions arranged by category to assist in your planning of a very special day for the new mom to be!


  • Set a stuffed animal such as a teddy bear in the center of each table and tie balloons to it.
  • Make a diaper cake for each table.
  • Make a floral bouquet put of onesies, socks, newborn hat etc. for each table and put into a glass vase.
  • Make or purchase a carnation floral centerpiece in blue, pink and/or white flowers and make it extra special by attaching small bottles of body wash or shampoo, folded washcloths, booties, hair brush and comb, pacifiers etc. to floral picks (available at craft stores)and stick throughout the centerpiece.
  • Fill baby bottles with water (or milk for clear bottles) to use a weights for balloon bunches. They can also be filled with mini jelly beans, Jordan almonds or pastel mints.
  • Fill a tall, narrow aluminum bucket with baby's breath flowers and tie a pink or blue bow around the top of the bucket (you may need a drop of hot glue to keep it in place). You can also use containers in pink or blue and decorate with a coordinating print ribbon.
  • Purchase covered boxes in pink or blue in an assortment of sizes and place three of them in varying heights on the center of the table, leaving the top of at least one askew. Stuff the box with crumpled coordinating tissue paper and set a small gift on top for display such as a rubber ducky, small stuffed animal, classic wooden pull toy etc.

  • Hang a string clothesline and attach onesies, hats, socks, t-shirts etc. and give to mom after the shower or trace and cut some out of construction or scrapbook papers which come in a variety of colors and baby themed prints.
  • You can decorate in a rubber duck theme by purchasing rubber duck banners and by attaching balloons in yellow and white to the heavier, weighted ducks. You can purchase large, shallow, glass bowls to float tiny rubber ducks in or can use floral picks to attach small rubber ducks to (you can push the pick up through squeaker opening in the bottom of the duck) and add to pre-made floral arrangements.

    You can substitute rattles etc. for the balloon weights and for the floral arrangements if desired.

  • You can purchase Jordan almonds in appropriate colors, wrap them in tulle circles and tie them with blue or pink ribbons. They can then be used for balloon weights and can be given as favors later.
  • Decorate tables with small pots of miniature roses and arrange in a circle for a centerpiece.

  • Wrap baby powder scented votive candles in a tulle circle and tie it with a pink or blue ribbon.
  • Baby powder scented soaps which you can either purchase or easily make with a soap kit available at craft stores. Each bar can be wrapped with a strip of paper decorated in a cute theme print like rattles, booties, baby toys etc. (scrapbook papers have great prints available) and tied with a piece of coordinating colored raffia or wrap several small guest soaps in a tulle circle and tie with ribbon.
  • Purchase small cardboard boxes with tops in pink, blue or white and fill with Jordan almonds, pastel mints, chocolates etc. and tie with ribbon making a pretty bow on the top of the box.
  • Put a handful of Jordan Almonds in a circle of tulle and tie closed with ribbon. Set them all in a nice glass bowl until the end of the party or use as balloon weights.
  • If you are decorating tables with miniature potted roses, each guest can take one as a favor at the end of the party.
  • Give each guest a packet of Baby's Breath seeds (especially nice if using these as decorations for the tables). Smaller mini bunches can also be wrapped in pink or blue tissue paper and tied with coordinating ribbon. These can all be placed in a large vase during the shower and given out as individual favors at the end of the party.

  • Create baby themed word searches or crossword puzzles (free templates can be found online).
  • Make custom BINGO cards for the shower by printing a type of gift that would be received in each square such as pacifier, onesies, booties, bib etc.(you can use item name more than once on each card) and the first person to get a line wins.
  • Play a Guess the Girth game with string. Have each player cut a piece of string or yarn she thinks will fit around the mom-to-be's belly and the closest match wins!
  • Scramble the letters of several baby related words and the first to guess all the words correctly wins.
  • Place several infant related items into a bag, blindfold the player and have them guess what each item is. Give each player a certain amount of time to guess the contents and the one with the most correct answers wins the game.
  • Spell out the names of the mom and dad to be. Have the guests see how many baby related item names they can come up with for each letter. Set a time limit to make it more challenging.
  • Fill a glass container with cotton balls or ear swabs and have each guest guess how many there are. The closest guess wins! You can also fill a clear baby bottle with pink and blue mini jelly beans, Jordan almonds or pastel mints and guess the number of those.
  • Have each guest decorate a small "6x6" square of fabric for a baby quilt (specify a color theme in advance). They can either be instructed to make them in advance and bring with them to the shower or you can set up a table at the shower and supply fabric squares, fabric paints and markers, baby themed appliques, laces, ribbons, needles and thread and fabric glue etc. These can be sewn into a special quilt for the baby after the shower.
  • Set up a table with fabric paints and markers along with craft stamps and give each guest a prewashed cloth diaper to decorate. These are especially nice if the mom-to-be wants to use cloth diapers for the baby. The diapers can also be used for burp cloths and a white canvas bag can be stamped to store them in. These are also fun when tie-dyed but you must warn guests in advance if you want them to participate since it can be potentially messy.
  • Purchase a hardcover journal and have each guest write a useful piece of advice for the mom and dad to be or have them write a special note to the baby or maybe a special remembrance of their parents such as what they were like as kids or how excited they were to be pregnant etc.
  • Make a videotape of the shower and have each guest tell something special about the mom and dad to be or offer advice or well wishes. This is extra special if edited later with music and pictures of the parents as babies, their marriage, pregnancy etc.
  • Themed Showers

    Theme showers are especially nice if the mom-to-be expects to have several showers thrown for her. A few examples are:

    Cloth Diapering

    These are nice if the mom plans on using cloth diapering since the initial investment can be high. If the mom knows which diapers she'd like to use, let all the guests know in advance and also where they can be purchased.

    <img src=

    She may want to try several different types if she's new to cloth diapering and there are many gift ideas to go along with the cloth diapers such as cloth wipes, wipe solution cubes, wipe warmer, diaper doublers and inserts, cloth diaper wash and stain remover, cloth diaper covers, cloth diaper wet bag as well as one for the diaper bag, a spray attachment for the toilet to rinse diapers with, diaper pail as well as an assortment of natural baby products such as oils, creams, and baby wash. Gift certificates to purchase their diapers of choice or larger diapers to be used later on is also a perfect and much appreciated gift idea.

    Transportation Theme

    This would include items like baby strollers, car seats, diaper bags and changing pad sets, bottle warmer for the car, travel bed, inflatable travel tub, stroller toys, snack cups which attach to stroller, car seat toys, baby mirrors for car, car seat cover to keep baby warm, stroller or car seat bag, head supports, stroller blankets etc. These showers can be especially nice for the mom-to-be if she wants an expensive baby stroller or car seat that would be too much money to be given by one person but is affordable if given as a group gift by all the shower guests.

    Nursery Theme

    This would include items such as a crib, co-sleeper, bassinet, changing table, bedding sets, crib mobile, pictures, rug, room decor, monitors, changing table pad and covers, receiving and other blankets, laundry baskets, toy box, lamps, rocker, wooden rocking horse toy, picture frames etc.

    Feeding Supplies

    -If the mom plans on breastfeeding, a good pump would make a nice group gift. Other ideas are a highchair, highchair toys, bottles, nipples, milk storage bags, formula, bottle cleaning brushes and sterilizers, bottle warmers, baby food grinder and cookbook, baby food storage freezer trays, jars of baby food and boxed cereals, baby food jar organizer, infant spoons, bowls, bibs, first utensil set, first food self feeder items, sippy cups, disposable bibs, cups, utensils and placemats for traveling.

    Healtcare and Safety

    Good ideas for group gifts in the is category would be a gift certificate for professional home safety inspection/kid proofing, or items such as the new temporal thermometers.

    Other ideas include items such as: kid proofing items, cool mist humidifier, nasal aspirator (the battery operated ones are a nice alternative), medicine syringes, cups and infant pacifier or bottle medicine dispensers, safety nail clippers, baby tub, bathing supplies, towel & washcloth sets, comb/brush set, cotton balls & swabs, saline drops, infant Tylenol drops, diaper rash creams, diapers and wipes, bath water thermometer, bathtub spout cover, bath toys and holder, digital scale, gates, air purifier and electric nursery sanitizer.


    This theme party includes diapers in several sizes, wipes, diaper bag, travel wipes and changing pad, scented diaper disposal bags, covers for changing table mattress, diaper rash cream, wipe warmer, cute diaper covers, diaper pail, diaper pail cover and diaper holders


    - Like the title implies, clothing from onesies, hats and socks to gowns, sleepers & playsuits, clothing sets, sweater and hat sets, crib shoes and outerwear in a variety of sizes (pay attention to the season the item will be worn in when the baby will fit into that size) and gift certificates to mom's favorite kids clothing store are always a perfect gift.

    College Fund

    A nice group gift could be a savings bond, stocks or a savings account for the newborn which can be added to over the year in lieu of gifts of toys at Christmas and birthdays


    - This category includes all those fun items that mom's can't wait to use. These include things such as slings and carriers, infant seats and bouncers, swings, activity toys, play gyms, play mats, playpen, Bumbo seat, and door or stationary jumper

    Mom-To-Be Theme

    - This one is especially nice if the mom-to-be already has most of the things she needs. Some ideas for this theme are: a labor and delivery kit for mom with a new robe and slippers, chapstick, personal mini toiletries, bottle of champagne to celebrate the birth, socks, sour lollipops or hard candies, a tennis ball or small hand massager, hair band or scrunchy, disposable camera with film, and snacks for dad.

    Other great ideas are:

  • Coupon for dog walking, running errands or child care.

  • Coupon or gift certificate for housecleaning.

  • Massage, spa, pedicure/manicure, haircut & style gift certificate.

  • Frozen meals or gift certificate to local take-out restaurants.

  • Gift certificate for pregnancy portrait and newborn photography.

  • Rocker or glider chair and ottoman (nice group gift).

  • Birthstone jewelry, necklace with picture locket.

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