Princess Birthday Party


Make scrolls, cut the paper so it's narrow so it appears longer, use Old English font and wording. You can purchase an initial stamp and wax for a seal at your local business supply or craft store. Use a yellowed parchment paper to represent non-bleached paper which was used during Medieval times.

Give the party location a castle name and address the invitations from "Princess Abigail of Fasinger Castle" etc. Add scroll detail around the edges of the invitation or pictures of clip art to fit the theme. You can gear it towards Princess & the Pea, Cinderella, Snow White or the birthday girl's favorite princess.


Cut the shape of a castle out of large pieces of cardboard. Spray paint the background a gray color and when dry, using a natural sea sponge, dip it in some black flat paint and dab lightly all over the areas that represent the stone of the castle (avoid any windows!) Next, using a thin paintbrush, dip it in the black paint and "draw" the black stones of the castle's exterior with smaller stone detail around the windows and door. Made large enough, you can make a large doors the children can enter the part through if affixed in a doorway.You may want to add sparkly glitter to the outside of the castle and either paint twisting rose vines up the sides or you can purchase inexpensive silk flowers from the craft or dollar store and staple them right into the cardboard castle. If you don't want to go through the hassle of building a castle, purchase a plastic wall mural which you can hang temporarily with double-sided tape. You can usually find an assortment on eBay or sometimes through Oriental Trading Company.

Cover chairs with cloth covers (or large cuts of fabric or borrow some solid colored flat sheets in pinks/whites/purples etc. and wrap over chairs prior to adding tulle ties) and tie a tulle bow in pinks/purples around the back or just drape an armed chair for birthday girls in fabric for a throne. Behind the "throne" hang a bunch of tulle from the ceiling and drape it around the throne.

Other Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Roll out a red carpet to the throne (can use white bridal)

Cover tables with solid colored tablecloths, sprinkle foil confetti over the tablecloths and then cover with wide sections of tulle (can layer several colors)

Mom and dad can dress as king and queen (a friend or older brother as a jester). You can have someone dress the guests in provided costumes and announce them as they arrive

Hang castle flags outside (can attach to spray painted and glittered dowel rods). Wrap porch columns or lightpost in silver Christmas garland, miniature white lights etc.

Play music CD soundtrack from favorite princess movie

Use long party table or two covered in long fabric tablecloths

Hang royal flags in party room

Serve drinks in plastic champagne goblets

Use formal china for older girls

Use gold or silver chargers if you have them, can be purchased inexpensive at discount stores

Pour drinks from pitchers (you can always find inexpensive glass pitchers that look expensive)


Put out several small bowls of gems in assorted sizes/colors and purchase several mini glue bottles (or assist with hot gluing them on so they can be worn right away) to decorate princess hats you've pre-made

Hat Instructions:

Purchase a sheet of white poster-board for each guest

Attach a pencil to a 16" string and holding the string on the top left corner and draw a quarter circle with the pencil.

Cut the quarter circle out and fold into a cone shaped hat and glue, overlapping the edges.

The hat can be covered in fabric, spray painted, have faux gems glued on, and faux fur trim can be added around the base.

Curling ribbon or narrow, long lengths of tulle can be thread through the top point of the hat (you may have to snip of the very tip) and glued.

Put out bowls of faux gemstone beads with stretchy silver cording and let each guest make their own necklace and bracelet.

Glue gems to headbands purchased at discount store (5-pk for $1)


  • Tea sandwiches
  • Frosted castle shaped (or specific theme shaped) sugar cookies
  • Set out a plate of petit-fours or stack them on a 3-tiered serving platter for a nice effect
  • Serve ginger ale, Shirley Temples or punch in the goblets
  • Hot chocolate can be served in tea cups
  • Party Favors

    Tiara/jewelry set which you can put in a drawstring pouch. You can often purchase these at $1 stores and they have them at craft stores as well.

    Cone shaped princess hats

    Small bag of frosted sugar cookies from the party


  • Stuffed mice
  • Real pumpkins (if in season) cut to look like coaches with wheels
  • Pumpkin coach shaped cake (use 3-D pumpkin cake pan)
  • Snow White

  • Bowl of bright red apples
  • Decorative plastic mirror to see who is the "fairest in the land"
  • Princess and the Pea

    For the cake, bake several thin rectangular layers of a sturdier cake (such as pound cake) or bake one large sheet and cut into desired sized rectangles. Using marzipan (Wilton makes marzipan cake frosting), tint it with paste food colors to desired colors (use a different color for each rectangle "mattress"). After each is covered in the marzipan,you can cut shapes out of the leftover colors and decorate the "mattresses". Using a small piece of green or a green candy such as Air Heads, roll into a small pea shape to place beneath the mattress layers

    Using inexpensive fabrics and thick layers of batting, you can sew together 2 pieces of fabric (you don't have to use the same print for both sides) with a layer of batting in the center. If you don't sew, you can use a good fabric glue. Make a stack of these and use a small foam ball to place under the layers and let the girls see if they can feel the pea while atop the mattresses. Each girl can take her mattress home with her to use as a reading/play mat.

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